Anaïs Bock

Purpose Strategist, Founder of Let’s Work Magic


Anaïs Bock is an Organisational Behaviourist (MSc), purpose strategist and the founder of Let’s Work Magic. She works with entrepreneurs and leaders and frequently speaks on international stages in fluent German, English and Spanish. Her pet peeve? Business Bullshit! Her battle cry? It’s time for joy-drenched work realities (or a more battle-cry-like version of that statement). Her not-so-secret mission? To help people live purposeful lives and since we spend ⅓ of our life at work, to bring more purpose into our work realities. How does she do that? By uncovering the bullsh*t and the beauty of how we work, show up and communicate. By researching purpose and everything that inhibits it (and then launching a card set to make the method available for everyone). By unapologetically and thoroughly enjoying life and inviting people along for the ride.