Alexandra Dionisio

End of Life Doula and Reiki Master


Alexandra has a background in Marketing and Operations but left her career behind to follow her calling to work with people at the end of life. She is a certified End of Life Doula and Reiki Master.


“I am focusing mainly on pediatric hospice patients, but I am honored to hold space for everyone in need of healing; physically, emotionally or spiritually, at the end of life or at the height of health. This work fills me with an incredible sense of peace and awe at the wonder of life and the mysteries of what lies beyond. The healing powers of Reiki are still mind-blowing to me, and when used in a hospice setting, they take on a deeper meaning. I see it as a privilege to accompany families and their dying loved ones at this most intimate moment of their lives, bridging the gap between medical service and emotional and spiritual support. In many cases words fail us when we are confronted with death. How can we find those last meaningful words to convey the full depth of our feelings when we only have days, hours or minutes left? Reiki facilitates this last communication on a purely energetic basis, without the constrains of our limited vocabulary, resulting in what I can only describe as a beautiful death.


I am here to have the uncomfortable conversation, to listen, to hold space for your pain, your fears and to bring a sense of peace and comfort.”