Sophie Campion-Regan

Certified Hypnobirthing Teacher, Birth and Postnatal Doula


Giving birth is always life changing and when I had my son, for me, hypnobirthing and exercise were the two key things that gave me the tools and confidence to approach birth with the absolute certainty that I could do it - there wasn't any part of me that was scared or doubted my body's ability. This isn't always the case and since giving birth, I have heard women's accounts of their negative birth experience. Something clicked and I knew I wanted to change this for as many women as possible. 
The Rebalanced Birth was developed from a passion for how birth can be a truly positive experience and the need to inform women about what hypnobirthing and Doula support is and just how valuable they can be to the birthing journey. I am passionate about informing women about all of their options, so that they feel empowered to approach their birth in a calm and relaxed way and most importantly to feel in control of whatever path their birth takes.