Valeen Koelling

BIRTHFIT Coach and CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Doula and Student Midwife


I am Valeen Koelling, a functional movement coach (CrossFit & BIRTHFIT) passionate about women's holistic health and fitness. I have a special interest in and focus on supporting birthing persons and their families during the parenthood transition. After finishing my master in biology, with a special focus in the human immune system, I started working as a research associate and spent another three semesters with studying human anatomy, physiology and medicine. In 2016 I discovered CrossFit by accident and with it my passion for movement, that put my interest for the human body on another level. After feeling on fire to not just learn in theory but in practice how the human body is functioning, I decided to follow my heart and started the training to become a CrossFit Coach. From 2017 on I have been working full-time as a CrossFit Level 2 Coach, initially in magdeburg and later in cologne.
Motivated by the birth of my nephew, I first made my way to San Francisco in 2018 to train and get certified as a BIRTHFIT Coach. Later I started my further training as a BIRTHFIT leader for germany which I finished in 2019. Additionally I started my doula training at that time with Mama Glow to become a full spectrum doula that can support birthing persons and their families throughout the whole partenthood transition. In 2020 I soon will become a student midwife to follow this path even more professional. Why is this my calling and matter of the heart? Because this world needs loving, peaceful, powerful, connected, trusting, wise, healthy people and we can change the world with every child that finds its way onto this earth.