Azimah Azmi

Fitness Trainer Specialising in Mindful Movement


Coming from a bodybuilding and powerlifting background, Azimah dove into mindful movement when she had to scale down her training to recover from an injury. This changed her view on fitness forever and it fueled her passion for an intuitive approach to training.

Through tuning in to her body, she began to find break throughs not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. She believes that mindful movement is healing and powerful, and the mind, body, spirit connection is important for everyone. She finds inspiration from her work as a trainer for GMB Fitness, martial arts training, as well as elements of dance and yoga.

Originally from Singapore, she now resides in San Diego, California. When she is not working with her clients ranging from all ages and sexes, she is probably out playing at the park or by the beach, or doing jiujitsu.