Denisa Baruta

Training and Nutrition Coach


Denisa is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at the Shero Life. Besides her passion for

fitness and healthy lifestyle, Denisa is training to compete in Olympic weightlifting. Although the

first sport she actively played was volleyball, quickly replaced by street dance, Denisa was bit by the

‘iron bug’ ten years ago where it started as a hobby. Although being ‘in the game’ for almost a

decade now, Denisa has never stopped educating herself both in her competing sport of

weightlifting as well as more holistic health and fitness disciplines.

Denisa is also an avid hiker and aspiring mountaineer, with several high altitude and technical

summits already under her belt, an enthusiast scuba diver, and environmental protectionist.


No day is wasted by Denisa, as she strives to make herself better in every possible way and she translates

this philosophy to her trainings, helping her clients to achieve their full potential.