Strong(H)er45 Monthly Programming

AED 900

Shero Price: AED 300

Product details

Strong(H)er45 is a program designed specifically for women who have limited time, but still want to make strength and fitness gains.


Jesse Akister has designed this program to support the fitness goals of busy women by using science based principles, and techniques perfected over a decade of coaching.


What To Expect

4 x 45 min Strength and Conditioning Workouts per week

1x Optional Conscious Cardio session a week

Feedback on your workouts by your coach each month.

All delivered to your personal app with videos and guidance on scaling and equipment options so you can easily follow your workout anywhere.


When you sign up, your coach will contact you to find out more about you to ensure the program fits your life perfectly.

This is an ongoing monthly program, when you first sign up it is a two month commitment after which it is renewable each month.


For The Shero Life Members your first month is FREE!

So members will pay a total of 300dhs for your first 2 months of programming and coaching.


*Non-members are 450dhs a month, the first two months charged at checkout.*