Reborn - Returning to training post birth

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Are you a mum, planning to be a mum or you work with women as a coach? 

If this is you and you have never learnt about the pelvic floor then this workshop is for you.

Presented by Celina Bicho, Physiotherapist at DISC Dubai and Allie McLaughlin, Pre/Post Natal Coach and Dietitian.

What will you learn?

Define what is the pelvic floor

0-6 wks, What can you do now?

Red Flags - Normal or NOT

Learn correct breathing mechanics and exercises

Mobility exercises to support the new mother

5 Upper body exercises you can do anytime

General need to know facts for the new mum. 

In addition to the video recording you will recieve an interactive PDF with exercise videos and movement coaching cues, so you can easily remember and practise everything you learn.