Passion Planner - Guided Vision Casting, Monday 7th Dec

AED 300

Shero Price: AED 200

Product details

Join us:

Monday 7th December


@ Cafe Rider
What is it? 

You will drink Cafe Rider Roastery Coffee, while being guided through the steps to uncover your Vision and outline your Goals for 2021 by Shero Life Co-Founder Jesse Akister.


What you will get:

  • Large rose gold week starting sunday 2021 Passion Planner
  • Guided step by step vision mind mapping
  • Define your game changing action
  • Get clarity on what your vision looks, feels and sounds like when you achieve it through a guided visualization.
  • Create an action plan for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months inside your passion planner.
  • A Cafe Rider Roastery Coffee is included in event price

What is Vision Casting?


Your Vision is your dream for the future.

Forecasting is making predictions for the future.


When you are Vision Casting you will get really clear on what your vision looks like, feels like and what that experience will be like when you are living it. Then exploring what are the things holding you back, what actions you need to take to overcome those blockages and creating an action plan to start toward your vision.