Feel like something is missing? Lost your excitement for life? Is there another level of enjoyment and health that is missing from your life?

Get physically fit through training designed for women by women, considering all your physical and emotional needs. In-person or Online.

Connect to like minded, supportive women in our community events. Everything from hiking and coffee adventures to art classes and sound healing. Each event is designed to help you connect deeper with your tribe and your body.

Learn how to support your body and mind through articles, workshops and masterclasses curated to give you evidence based yet holistic tools and resources.

Unlock your potential! You are a strong capable woman, capable of incredible things.


Go on your way with the knowledge and tools to succeed. Or use your knowledge to give back to the newest members of the group.

Shero Tribe Membership is an Annual Membership which gives you:

  • Unparalleled discounts on In-person and Online training
  • Exclusive Members only discount on Shero apparel and gear
  • Dedicated Members Only Events for Networking and Growth
  • Discounts on Masterclasses, Retreats and Live Workshops
  • Exclusive members only content within the shero online platform: Speciality Programs, Exclusive Masterclasses
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