Lack of execution is killing your business dreams.


Lack of execution is killing your business dreams.

Picture yourself on a rainy day, you are sitting on your couch probably having a warm drink and thinking about that business idea that has been popping-out in your mind, you chuckle to yourself dreaming of the name, logo and how amazing it will be to create something you are passionate about... then you turn on your computer and... press play on your favourite Netflix series. 

What did happen with the business idea? Nothing! Because it is easier to just chill (now it’s acceptable to call it mindfulness or self love) pressing play on Netflix is so much simpler than all the effort required to figure out where to start. That’s your biggest fear: I don’t know where to start. 

“The Secret to getting ahead is getting started” Mark Twain

A business is like going to the supermarket, if you go while you're hungry you will end up at home with all the things you didn't need and you've forgotten the most important items. To succeed at grocery shopping you need a list. To succeed in business and claim freedom structure is needed. Business comes down to effective systems, finding solutions and planning how to accomplish each of the areas of your proposition, including the ones where you are not an expert but you can learn or outsource to somebody else. 

Having a plan and the desire to start is a clear beginning, let’s not forget to add one more element to this formula, execution. Without taking action, any strategy turns futile. Beginning a business can be very overwhelming when you realise how long this process is going to take, from the planning beforehand, seemingly endless work and still feeling like not moving forward every day. 

The best way to tackle this journey is by starting with your short term goals, dividing the process into milestones and focusing on only one at a time. This approach is more structured. When you have concrete steps of action you can define who else is going to be involved, deadlines and which sacrifices you need to make to reach there (sometimes we need to be uncomfortable to set something in motion). 

When each milestone is complete you can allow yourself to pause, celebrate the execution and sort the next steps. 

How does it feel? Are you ready to make a plan? I challenge you to stop anything you are doing right now and define how you are going to start.