Imagine training as unique as you are.


Imagine training as unique as you are.

Pain, dis-ease, depression, anxiety are all states that indicate the bodies system is out of balance.

Equally, being busy all the time, stressed, lonely, burnt out, constantly tired, are steps down that spiral staircase of dis-ease.


Imagine a training approach that treats you like a human, rather than a machine to perform reps. What if your training was adaptable to any stage of your life?  What if your coaches and training partners were supporting you not just in training, but in being a holistically happier, more content human?


The challenge is most people are living and operating in all areas of life unconsciously on auto pilot. Training is an extension of how we behave in other parts of life. With the right education your training can be a tool for creating conscious life habits. Ultimately laying the foundation for the life of your dreams.


The mindset prevalent in fitness culture is ‘You are not good enough’. The industry makes a fortune selling you the message that you need their products to look better, be skinnier and be loved.


We need to replace the fear based mindset of ‘I’m not enough’ which says


I NEED to train because

I am too fat

My body hurts

I don’t want to be sick

I’m not lovable.


Instead imagine consciously operating from a place of love. Here training becomes an expression of self-love.


I GET to train because

it makes me feel good

I want to keep up with my kids

I feel strong and capable of impossible things

It gives me confidence

It’s nourishes my soul


Can you feel the difference in that energy just by reading it?

An interesting fact: it’s impossible to hold two opposing beliefs at the same time. If you are enough and are love, you cannot be unloved.



Just as the mindset around training is the key to ultimate success, the mindset around pain is at the core of pain resolution. Instead of seeing pain as something terrible to avoid and fix, I teach people that pain is your body speaking to you. An opportunity to treat it with greater respect. At Shero we teach you to respect different aspects of a holistic training regime to empower you to live a better/stronger/healthier life.


Physical Body


Training does matter. Though if we only think of training your physical body as a workout at the gym, we are missing the other 99% of our life. A truly holistic training program will teach you to support the entirety of your physical body.



 Have you learned to understand tension to inform position?  Using breathing, to create presence though movement and to affect the nervous system state you want to achieve. Do you understanding how a changing intent will change how a movement is performed?

Take a moment and ask yourself these questions:


How am I feeling in my body? 

Am I eating enough to support my system?

Am I sleeping well?

Do I wake up feeling rested?

Is my digestion and bowel movements normal?

Do I have a healthy libido?

Do I even know what normal is?



If you don’t that is awesome! When you become aware of not knowing, you are able to ask for help! Admitting that you don’t know is the first step towards asking for help.


The answers to these questions inform what your physical body needs and should inform the training approach you choose. This is the foundation of The Shero Life training approach.



Emotional Body


Energy moves through you creating sensations in the body. We have been taught to give these sensations names- I am happy, I am angry, I am sad.  I teach people to uncouple the story (name) from the sensation. By creating a safe space to express and feel the sensations in our bodies we move that energy and come faster into a state of balance. This is often the part most needed to move out of pain.  We need to learn how to check in with our bodies and give them what they need, anything from a cry, dance or simply food, water, sleep, a hug or a swim in the ocean.  At Shero, we help you understand your body’s emotional needs and triggers, complementing your physical journey and ultimately helping you achieve the life you desire.


Your emotional body awareness informs your physical body actions.


In my experience we women need to realise we can’t fix everything by just DOING more. Very often the solution is in the NOT DOING. At Shero, we teach you to realign these urges so that you can better serve your goals. When was the last time you sat and just focused on your breath? Or did something just for fun? This applies in training too. Those thousand rep workouts and HIIT classes are not helping, they are numbing.   When you haven’t built a strong connection to your body and your needs, those workouts are hurting you.


It’s the space between the effort that makes the changes possible.




Connection is a basic human need. Ask yourself, does your tribe make you feel safe? Challenge you to grow, support you in vulnerability?


At Shero we create a safe supportive space within our classes. Women are encouraged to be open about their wins and struggles. The beauty of being in communion is that we grow and learn from the experience of others. When I see the woman next to me learning how to connect a movement, I learn through watching, observing my friend. When I hear that you are struggling, it makes me feel normal for struggling too.  I encourage you to take stock of who you spend the most time with. Are they helping you grow? Are they invested in your small successes? If you hesitated for a moment, maybe you need a mentor, or a new group of friends.  


Supportive community is central to creating the nurturing environment needed for physical and emotional body growth.





Your inner child is wondering why you stopped caring for her. Why did you stop playing, and doing the things you love?  Why did you stop dancing, singing, laughing?


I believe our life’s work is to find our way back to the beautiful wild spirit you were born with.


That means unlearning all the ways the world has told us we have to be. This is a long process that is supported by community, physical and emotional self-awareness.

A good starting place is asking yourself:  What did I love doing as a child, that I stopped doing when you grew up?  Make time for that thing. This is your first step in honouring yourself.


We teach you to honour your physical and emotional bodies at Shero Fit(H)er training camps. In our supportive all female community, you are safe to express and play.   

We are not just a fitness program. You are a unique human, and we give you the support and tools to succeed in your entirety.


If you'd like to experience this for yourself our next Fit(H)er training camp will open for registration soon. For updates join our email list