A Community Of Women Striving For More

Our Journey Thus Far


The Shero Life is a community and education platform of women striving for more. When you join you have the opportunity to learn from experts around the world, and you are asked to share your genius. We believe there is great power in collaboration and in community.

One day in early 2018 I was talking with Ray about dreams. Explaining my vision for creating a supportive global community of expert women sharing their knowledge and running live events to bring them all together. I had no idea how to execute, just driven by a deep burning in my gut that said women supporting each other to learn was what the world needed.

In true Ray style his response was “Okay. Let’s make it happen.” Talk about throwing yourself in the deep end. 5 months later we launched our first Shero Summit, a two-day immersive event bringing experts from all over the world to coach an all-female audience. Everything you could imagine went wrong in the lead up, but the event itself was a smashing success. Since then we have done many small community meet ups and a Retreat in Thailand.

I am thrilled to welcome you on behalf of Ray and our team to our collaborative community. We can't wait to meet you.

Much Love, Jesse